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Help shape the newly designed Clue app

Download Clue Beta to try out new features

by Ruth Healy, and Emily Hughes
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Want to be one of the first to try Clue Beta?

We're building a new Clue experience and would love to know what you think. Download Clue beta to try out brand new tracking categories, enhanced options for existing ones, and a more seamless app experience in general. You’ll have the chance to let us know what you think as you use Clue Beta and your feedback will help shape our next app for the millions of people who use it. 

Follow these 3 steps to get started (iOS only):

  1. Click here to install TestFlight. TestFlight is a safe app that developers use for testing purposes. 

  2. After downloading TestFlight come back to this page. 

  3. Now click here and you’re all set to download, login, and start using Clue Beta.

That’s it. You can keep tracking regularly, as your previously tracked data will meet you in Clue Beta.

What’s cool about Clue Beta?

  • More tracking options: Be prepared to take tracking to the next level with more than 40 new tracking options.

  • Fresh new look: Get ready for a squeaky-clean design for your tracking categories. 

  • New languages: We’re adding Dutch, Indonesian and Swedish, making that 17 languages to choose from. 

  • Features in progress: You’ll get first access to new features as soon as they’re ready

  • We want to hear from you: Your feedback is important to us. That’s why we’ll send you messages asking how you’re liking Clue Beta.

We’ll safely transfer all tracked data from your current app to Clue Beta. Heads up! Anything you track in Clue Beta can’t be transferred to the old app, in case you want to switch back.

Your Clue Beta experiences, opinions, and feedback will help contribute to something big. We can’t wait to see what you think. 

Ready to get started with Clue Beta?

Click here to install Testflight and then come back to this page and follow step 3 above. 

See you in the betaverse!

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.

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an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.