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Clue user stories: Meghan, Rebeca, and Savannah

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People contact us all the time with their stories about how Clue has helped them become more aware of their health. Some feel more confident at the doctor's office. Couples reach out telling us they finally conceived thanks to cycle tracking. Parents thank us for helping them communicate with their children about menstruation to make menarche less mysterious.

Clue has even helped people diagnose more serious health conditions like ectopic pregnancies, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.

Let us introduce you to Meghan, Rebeca and Savannah. These are their stories:


Name: Meghan Cleary
Age: 39
Location: Los Angeles, USA
How long have you been using Clue: Since May 2015
Profession: Writer and shoe designer

Why did you start using Clue?
I have suffered from endometriosis since I was 14. Because healthcare providers are often not aware of the symptoms of endometriosis, I was not diagnosed until almost 20 years later when I had a fibroid removed. The number one thing that saved me and empowered me was tracking my symptoms. It allowed me to look at my symptoms over time and validate my experience, my symptoms and my pain and what I was going through. It also empowered me with data to bring to healthcare providers to seek treatment, or to do my own research. I am extremely passionate about putting the power to track our cycles literally in a woman's hands.

Why do you think Clue is helpful?
The crucial piece where Clue can make a huge impact in helping women understand and validate that their extreme pain and symptoms are not just all in her head. With the clinically evidenced gender bias in healthcare, and the dearth of knowledge among healthcare providers, getting diagnosed and treated is challenging for conditions like endometriosis and fibroids – tracking your cycle and symptoms gives you a starting point when advocating for yourself and figuring out a treatment plan. Being able to look at data on a cycle basis and then on a yearly basis allows you to look at patterns, symptoms and triggers in a way that will help you advocate for your best treatment.

By empowering women to make the best decisions for their own healthcare and to understand how to get diagnosed and when, and also by normalizing the reproductive process, Clue fills a gap that is sorely missing in today's world. If we have empowered women, who are healthy and thriving, then we have a shot at solving the bigger problems in the world. Empowering more than fifty percent of the world's population is crucial.

What have you learned about your body from using Clue?
I started using Clue about three months before I had fibroid surgery and what it helped me see was how crazy my symptoms had gotten. I was able to see I was bleeding every 12 to 16 days and track my other symptoms like pain, anemia, etc using the tags. This really helped a lot both when talking to my healthcare provider, and also just for me to see how much these symptoms were affecting my life. Oftentimes with endometriosis and fibroids you are in so much chronic pain, and also so tired and/or anemic, it's hard to even distinguish one day's pain from the next. Post surgery it helped enormously as I got back on track with my cycle and worked with my integrative doctor, to see how my cycles were normalizing.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue?

Anything else you would like to share about your experience using Clue
I am Clue's number one fan. There is some functionality I haven't yet explored but I think the only thing they could add that I can think of is being able to print out calendars/charts with our tags and symptoms in PDF format to take to the doctor. That may already be a possibility I don't know about though! Other than that I think it is perfect.


Name: Rebeca Solares
Age: 26
Location: Minneapolis, USA
How long have you been using Clue: 2 years
Profession: Photographer

Why did you start using Clue? I wanted a better way to track my periods and the symptoms that came along with it. I would never remember what kind of issues to bring up to my doctor relating to my cycle before I had Clue.

How has Clue helped you? Now I'm able to easily track my cramps, emotions, digestion, cravings, etc etc etc. It's so great! Another super awesome feature is tracking my birth control and setting alarms for it to make sure it gets taken care of every morning.

What have you learned about your body from using Clue? Do you guys want TMI stuff? Well here goes: my bowel movements are crazy in the first two days of my period. My hair is extra oily during my period as well. I always crave really salty and high carb food the day before and the day of my period. Two days before my period I get really angry and sad at the same time which usually results in crying at nothing. Geez, being a woman is fun.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue? My birth control intake and sex. Is that weird? Birth control because it gives me the reassurance that I actually did take it when I get ready for the day. Sex because it's fascinating to see how often it happens within a month. And also, it's a good thing to track in case my birth control fails for whatever reason and I will be able to pinpoint when conception happened.


Name: Savannah Reising
Age: 21
Location: Minneapolis, USA
How long have you been using Clue: Since February 2015
Profession: Student

Why did you start using Clue?
After stopping my birth control, I wanted to get more in-tune with my body as it readjusted back into a natural cycle.

How has Clue helped you?
At first it was great to just be able to go to the doctor and say when my last period actually was. But after using it for 10 months now, it's impact has been so much greater. I used to think of my period as an enemy or a curse. Now I think of it as this special secret that I share with my body. I love how aware I am of my own body's functions.

What have you learned about your body from using Clue?
I never knew that I have a shorter than average cycle. But now I can expect my period every 24th day.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue?
Lately I've been tracking my creativity. I do a lot of creative work for my job as a marketing strategist, but my creativity seems to come in waves. I'm trying to see if there's a correlation with my cycle.

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