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Meet Clue

A Clue tradition: Leaving the office to reconnect

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Clue has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2013.

So how do we maintain our open, trusting, self-driven and hard-working culture? Hiring the right people is key. But once you get good people in the door, it takes much more than catered lunch, booze and ping-pong to keep them happy. Take note, Silicon Valley.

Our biannual offsite provides the time and space to connect and reflect as a company. Offsites are a relatively simple way to create stronger connections throughout the company and bring together teams that don’t normally work together on a daily basis.

In our experience, it’s crucial to get out of the office. The change of scenery helps upend daily routines and interaction patterns and creates space for fun.

Leave the office, hit the road, go somewhere new, disconnect, talk and play.

Sometimes we forget how important it is to be playful, regardless of age. It’s an inherent part of our human nature and makes us smarter.

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Last week, the whole Clue team (now 40 people!), made our way two hours south to Saxony, which feels worlds away from Berlin, to enjoy two days in nature outside of Dresden.

After settling into our retreat, the team engaged in a variety of workshops, including looking back at a detailed timeline of the history of the company up until now. The timeline, a massive scroll created collectively by the ever-evolving team, includes personal high and low points. Getting a concrete grasp on the depth of Clue’s past set the foundation for discourse and presentations of plans for the future of the company, especially for new employees.

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Downtime included backflips on the trampoline and socializing next to an impressive bonfire until the early hours of the morning, where the tradition of s’mores were taught by the handful of Americans (our team represents 19 nationalities). People moved from conversation to conversation seamlessly, and were eager to join in on banter with all team members.

clue-tradition-leaving-the-office 1@2x

We also hiked around the stunning Bastei. Immersion in this impressive green space prompted thoughtful talks about company values and how to maintain them.

There were a few ~misadventures~ throughout our rural German travels in multiple modes of transportation, but these bumps in the road only sparked contagious humor and further provided a real sense of camaraderie after two days of company connection.

Alongside informative workshops and chats, our already organic company bond is stronger than ever. Corny? Maybe, but it’s still true. Each of us arrived back in Berlin mentally refreshed (but yes, physically drained) and excited for what’s to come in the next six months at Clue.

clue-tradition-leaving-the-office@2x Sound good to you? Join us at our next offsite. We’re hiring, especially engineers. Check out our open positions.

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