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Meet Clue

A Clue tradition: The biannual offsite

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Clue has grown rapidly in the last year since our latest funding round.

And as we scale in size, it becomes more and more important to bring together teams that don’t work together on a daily basis to reconnect as a company and maintain our supportive, trusting culture.

Our whole team takes a break from the office twice a year to meet in a new environment and leave our laptops at home. These days are so crucial to our development because it provides a refreshing headspace to reflect on the previous six months and look ahead at what’s to come.

Our winter offsites are always in the Berlin area (our last winter offsite took place at Soho House), but our summer offsites involve a bit more travel. Last summer we went hiking in the Bastei near Dresden. The year before that, we stayed at a lake house (with an alpaca farm!) in the Brandenburg countryside north of Berlin.

This year, we traveled even further out: to an island in Croatia.

As our team gets bigger and bigger, an offsite this fabulous will be unlikely in the future. Like Ida said before we left: “This will probably never happen again, so appreciate it.”

Join us at our next offsite

It might not also be on an island in Croatia, but it’ll be special. We’re hiring, especially engineers. Check out our open positions.

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