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Clue Research Innovation Program: Call for Proposals

Help us advance research on reproductive health for women and people with cycles

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UPDATE (December 17, 2018): A new funding initiative in partnership with the Eutopia Foundation has been added to Clue’s Research Program: the Clue-Eutopia Research Innovation Grant. This $25,000 award will support one outstanding research project with the potential to significantly advance menstrual and reproductive health. Find more information about this and other research funding opportunities below.

The deadline for all proposal submissions has also been extended to February 15, 2019.


Clue is a free-to-use period tracking app designed to help persons who menstruate track their periods and better understand their bodies. To date, Clue has over 10 million active users across more than 190 countries, generating an unprecedented body of data about the menstrual cycle and women’s health more broadly.

At Clue, we’re committed to contributing to a better understanding of human health worldwide. We are proud to support scientific studies that address compelling questions about menstrual/reproductive health and enhance our ability to utilize data to support these goals. Through partnerships with top researchers and clinicians, we are using Clue’s database to generate meaningful discoveries and catalyze innovation (read more about our current collaborations here).

To further advance this mission, we are now inviting researchers to submit proposals to our Research Innovation Program. We are especially interested in projects that (1) advance the utility and reliability of fertility awareness methods of family planning, (2) investigate patterns in psychosocial and/or physical well-being during the cycle, (3) elucidate the environmental, behavioral and/or lifestyle factors that underlie differences in cycle patterns between individuals or populations, (4) make use of tracked cycle or other health data to identify elevated disease risk, or (5) empower individuals to better manage their health through the use of femtech or related resources (e.g. Clue’s online content). We are also interested in the development of new approaches to exploring our data, especially AI and novel modeling methods that have the potential to advance the understanding of women’s health and the development of femtech tools.

Researchers in Clue’s Research Innovation Program will be granted access to their requested subset of Clue data, or can use the Clue app for tracking of research participants enrolled in a new study. Researchers will also receive support from our data team and are eligible for a small grant of €1000-€3000. Research grants will be awarded based on demonstrable need for financial support of the proposed project.

Researchers can additionally apply for the Clue-Eutopia Research Innovation Grant, which will be provided in partnership with Eutopia Foundation. This $25,000 grant will be awarded to one project with the potential to significantly advance menstrual and reproductive health.

Data at Clue

Clue users have agreed to make their de-identified data available for use in carefully selected research projects as outlined in the Clue Terms of Service. This has allowed us to compile extensive data on menstrual cycles including length, blood flow volume, and ovulation, as well as data on factors such as pain, cravings, fluid, digestion, body temperature, stool, emotions, energy, sleep, sex, and exercise. We additionally collect information on blood collection methods and birth control usage, including missed and taken contraceptive pills. Contact with any questions on the data available.

Application Process and Timeline

The Clue Research Innovation Program is accepting applications from academic researchers working on topics of a non-commercial nature. Applications will be reviewed for scientific quality, novelty and innovation, alignment with Clue values, and potential benefit to Clue users. Selected projects must be approved by an institutional review board before receiving Clue data. The timeline for the application process is as follows:

  • Call opens: November 1, 2018
  • Call closes: February 15, 2019 (17:00 Central European Time)
  • Review period: February/March 2019
  • Notification of results: April 2019

How To Apply

Write your proposal of no more than 3 pages, including the following information:
*Researchers also applying for the Clue-Eutopia Research Innovation Grant may extend their proposal to a maximum of 5 pages.

  • Whether you are also applying for the Clue-Eutopia Research Innovation Grant
  • Project title
  • Primary co-investigators
  • Research proposal summary including the purpose and broader impact of the research
  • Description of the proposed project, including the data requested from Clue. If your project will be significantly different based on the amount of funding you receive, please describe what your base project will be (what you plan to do without the funding) and what would be added with additional funding.
  • Overview of the research timeline and anticipated deliverables
  • Description of what the funding will be used for:
  • For those not applying for the Clue-Eutopia Research Innovation Grant, this is optional. If you are requesting funding, include the amount (€1000-€3000) and an overview of what it will be used for.
  • For those applying for the Clue-Eutopia Research Innovation Grant, please provide a detailed budget (including items and projected cost) of how the $25,000 will be used. Institutional overhead/administrative charges may not be included in the budget and cannot be paid with grant funds.

Attach the following additionally required information, which are not included in the page limit:

  • Bibliography of cited works
  • Information on primary co-investigators including names, affiliated institutions and departments, contact information (email, address, phone number), and CVs

Submit your proposal to with the subject line “Clue Research Innovation Program”. All required information should be submitted as a single PDF file. Directly relevant supplementary materials (e.g. illustrations, prior published or unpublished work, preliminary findings, etc.) may be submitted in a separate document. All applications will be held in confidence. Please also include how you found the call for proposals.

The deadline for application submission is February 15, 2019 (17:00 Central European Time). Contact with any additional questions.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.

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