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Clue for Apple Watch: The time of your cycle

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You look at your watch to know the time of day. What if you could look at your watch and know the time of your cycle?

That's what drove us to create Clue for Apple Watch, which launches today.

With Clue, it's already fast, easy and friendly to look at your phone and know when your period is coming. But now, without even taking out your phone, you can know exactly where you are in your cycle.

In the Clue app for Apple Watch, you can quickly see:

  • An overview of your current cycle
  • When your next period, fertile window, ovulation and PMS are predicted to occur
  • Notifications of all Clue reminders you've set in your iPhone app

Our goal, with everything we make at Clue, is to empower our users to gain a better understanding of their individual health patterns. What we've built for Apple Watch fits perfectly into that vision.

And there's a lot more we can do with Clue for Apple Watch. We'd love to hear what you think, and where you think we can go next.

  • the Clue team
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