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Clue Custom Reminders: Now Available for Android

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You've been asking for reminders for Clue's Android app for a looong time…

"Is it possible to have the birth control reminder with the Android version of the app?"
"When are you planning to add the pill reminder to Android versions?" "I really like the Clue app. But after using it for awhile I understood that I'm missing one really useful feature: reminder for taking pills each day. Is this feature planned?"

We feel your pain. So we built new reminders and released them to beta two weeks ago. Turns out… our beta testers love them!

"Hey! I just thought I'd let you know of how pleased I am with the new reminders! The PMS reminder is vital for me! And I think it is superb that you can customise the reminders with both day and time. It's perfect!"
"I love the new reminders! Easy to set, and very useful functionality to have."
"I love all the new reminders you've added to this app!"

Reminders for Android are now live with a sleek UI. You can set reminders for period, PMS, fertile window, breast self-exam, pill, ring, patch and to use Clue. You can customize the message (with emojis, of course), ringtone and delivery time.

Give 'em a whirl! Download Clue for Android or update your Clue app today.

Made with <3 in Berlin

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