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Clue Birth Control, our FDA-cleared digital contraceptive is (almost) here

Now available to an initial group of people in the USA

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We’ve got some exciting news: Clue Birth Control is now available to an initial group of people in the USA. Our FDA-cleared and clinically tested digital contraceptive is an innovative way to prevent pregnancy. All you have to do is track your period start date to know which days you are at high risk of pregnancy. On high risk days, you must use a condom when having sex that may result in pregnancy. Since it’s based on fertility awareness (when you are most likely to become pregnant), it’s completely hormone free and side effect free. 

The algorithm behind Clue Birth Control was developed and tested in an independent clinical trial conducted by researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University. Clue Birth Control received FDA clearance as a medical device in the USA in February 2021. It is 92% effective when used typically (not always used according to instructions) and 97% effective when used perfectly ​​(always used exactly according to instructions). 

At Clue, our community is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we’ve given a group of eligible people who already use Clue and meet the requirements access to Clue Birth Control, starting this week. Since the app has already been proven effective in preventing pregnancy, this will ensure that the people who use Clue Birth Control enjoy the overall app experience. Their feedback regarding design and language will be gathered and considered before its full US-launch next year.

Find out more about Clue Birth Control here and sign up for the waitlist to get updates on when Clue Birth Control will be available to you.

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