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About Clue

5 million people use Clue

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Many of us at Clue still remember the days (not too long ago) when we got excited about 1 million active users.

Now we have over 5 million people using Clue.

The more people who use Clue, the more data we can use to provide actionable, personal insights and push health research forward with our partners at Oxford and Columbia - to name a few.

"Clue's mission is to help people all around the world benefit from insights into female health. With more than 5 million users entering data on a regular basis, we are one step closer to achieving this. With each person who downloads and uses Clue, we are learning more about the menstrual cycle and, in turn, edging closer to breaking down the taboos that still surround menstruation and fertility." -Ida Tin, CEO & Co-Founder of Clue

When people use Clue, they discover more about themselves and their health.

Join the movement, and help us reach as many people as possible. Share the power of self-knowledge with your friends and loved ones today.

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Tweets like this make our whole team in Berlin smile. :) Tweet us at @clue or email us for a longer conversation at

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